Offering all-in-one Masternode & Mining Solutions

EasyNodeCoin offers easy, affordable and all-in-one solutions for masternode & mining equipment owners in order to deploy, run, manage and monitor their valuable investments. Our technology is top notch and our experienced team is continuously developing and improving it even more!

Technical knowledge is no longer required to run a masternode or mining farm, our platform makes masternodes and mining more accessible & easy for everyone.


Masternode Hosting

We offer masternode hosting at almost cost price! Without headache and with a lot of extra features such as rewards, monitoring, alerts, statistics and a lot more.


MN Shared Hosting

Fully automated shared masternode hosting and services through our platform or API. Profit from the advantages of masternodes without owning the full collateral.


ASIC Miner Solutions

Our end product will support fully automated mining rig control support. We already have a working internal product. Always and automatic mine the most profitable coin for your rig!


    = A + B + C

All in One API

Short term the platform will be the engine driving the demand for ENCO, long term we plan to have a solid and stable demand for ENCO by offering the above solutions in an all in one API. This will allow everyone, no matter individuals or businesses to host, use, and offer their own masternode & mining solutions against almost cost price by using our technology.

No headaches anymore!    

Masternode Hosting

Including advanced statistics, monitoring, reward and alerting features. We offer all this for $0.25 cent a day / masternode which is the cheapest price in the market, in combination with all the named extra features we are sure we are the best choice for masternode investors.

Our Alpha platform already offers over 19 coins and we add new coins on a weekly basis!

Shared Masternode Hosting

For a number of coins we provide a fully automated shared masternode hosting option. In this way masternode investors can still profit from the advantages of masternodes without owning the full collateral. Since our current alpha platform is completely bug free we have integrated these shared masternode services.

Profit from the advantages of masternodes without owning the full collateral.

Mining Solutions

Fully automatic control, monitoring and managing solution for small miners up to complete farms. We are currently running an internal test pilot with a large number of Bitmain devices.

Always mine the most profitable coin !

   Top notch technology

Ticker - ENCO
Algorithm - Lyra2Z
Block time - 2 min
Block reward - 10

Total supply - 11M ENCO
Masternode - 60% reward
MN required Coins - 1500 ENCO
Premine - 6.8%

Where to find us..    


The first exchange where ENCO will be listed is CryptoBrigdge. A decentralized exchange perfectly suitable as our first exchange.

We are in progress of submitting our listing request and paying the fees as we speak.

Masternode Statistics

Our stats are powered by Masternodes.online plus we will be listed on Masternodes.online.

ENCO can be mined or bought directly


We have some unique ideas and a bright future for ENCO planned out, we already achieved a lot of our goals.


Masternode Hosting


Shared MN Hosting


Mining Solutions